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So well-being just went mainstream!

Hello 2022, nice to meet you and thanks for the Welcome to Wellness - WOW!

Glad we as a business and as a team are holistically aligned and all the hard graft (the last 42 years of trusting the process) was in realising the path to enlightenment. I am most grateful. Thank-you.

'As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.' - Rumi

As we elevate well-being as strategic concern for ourselves, for business and for society, we realise we have to work at being well. It’s not something that just happens.

It’s hard to heal. Dealing with pain, grief and our emotions is difficult. Being ill is awful.

Our bodies are an ecosystem that functions in equilibrium.

We are part of a bigger natural ecosystem that functions without us. If we had to get all scientific about it - we are made up of just as many atoms as stars in the skies. It’s actually a matter of physics, ask Einstein.

What I have realised is that as sick as the climate crisis is, as are we. We can chose to see it, hear it or to ignor it.

Acknowledging that being well is an active state and something we actually have to work on (consistently) will help to change your mind, your beliefs and the way in which you live, and therefore work.

It takes emotional, mental and physical work to be healthy and in an active state of being well. The ever dream of realising our true potential, comes in the clarity of knowing what we want and what we have to do to get there. It takes personal responsibility and leadership. It takes listening to yourself.

Making a case for well-being is a business imperative. Doing nothing won’t get you anywhere, least of all that six pack - be it abdominal muscles or a team of players. The focus is in driving change, not just raising awareness. Fundamentally getting stuck in and collaboratively figuring it out, is the solution. Listening will be key.

As we know the opportunity is always in the change.



(From somewhere on the internet)

  • Did you know 1 in 3 people worldwide suffer from multiple chronic diseases and employers are feeling the effects. Naturally in the bottom line. This translates to over 800+ people on my own SoMe (FB / IG / LI) profile, right there.

The cancer statistic in the UK is 1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. Every sixth death in the world is due to cancer. Talk about global burden of disease: financial, emotional, grief. Get a scenario planner quick. (Wade & Co is an expert one, in all seriousness.)

  • Did you know that 85% of employees are not engaged in their job. This means the hive cannot make honey, the ecosystem is broken.

This is a lot of people in any one economy and its not surprising when you look at the shocking reality of numbers in the point above. Imagine the worry. If worry was a cloud...

  • Did you know 1 in 4 adults worldwide have reported depression or anxiety during the pandemic. Employers around the world are feeling the effects with productivity and performance taking a hit. Sustainability is at risk.

We just have to see our friends and colleagues to know this is real. I'm first to put my hand up for anxiety - it's debilitating.

We’ve heard about the “Great Resignation” but what if it is the “Great Alignment” - something YPO asked the other day in a LinkedIn survey which got the vote.

We are experiencing a big adjustment KLAP (South African word for smack) to align to what matters. To be responsible, accountable and take care of each other as a human race and the environment we live in. AKA nature.

By the way this month Climate Change has now been elevated to #climatecrisis - so it’s no co-incidence wellness is top of mind, as we are going to need to nurture nature back to help sooth ourselves and need to play our part in saving it, preserving it and being kind to it.

How you ask in our own individual capacity? Well if you aren’t recycling, have your own coffee cup and waste food - try with that to start. I speak to South Africans here. Car pool, ride a bike, hold your grocery store accountable for their packaging by not buying it. Take action.

I wrote an article in 2019 called the Currency of Experience that I need to go back to now...

It was about a simple equation:

If Time = Money

And Money = Energy

Then Time = Energy

I’m of the opinion that time is money, money is energy and if energy is about time well saved, experiences are about time well spent…

What I need to add perhaps is - at what cost? Therein lies the puzzle and the opportunity for well-being?

I actively teach this equation in our workshops and through our digital products in our well-being audit. Energy efficiency is a hot topic - both for the environment and for ourselves.

My mother is an alternative therapist and energy healer. I have been exposed to the many disciplines and natural healing treatments over the course of my life. You could say I have lived a relatively conscious existence, one that has more often that not been guided by my intuition. To tap into this means being in a healthy state. You can trust me when I say, and I have been reminded countless times, when I am not in alignment with my purpose I get an ailment, generally a serious one - an adjustment klap to set me straight. I will always challenge the existing status quo to change and know when I need to adjust my thinking, beliefs or let something go.

The launch of our Work Aways - Business Retreats this month comes at a great time. The goal of these retreats is to re-align and create opportunity for trying new ways of thinking, doing and being. For once we find them, they will likely be the only right path to follow. Following this is well-being days for business to test well-being strategy and build a unique set of programmes that employees can benefit from.

So thanks to the industrial revolution for teaching me excellence in productivity and performance. Hello knowledge economy in creating an interconnected environment to live and work, learn and grow to do better, feel well and explore more of our creativity.

That will be our solution to it all. We just have to be well enough to have the idea!

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