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My dream is to re-build a healthy society that you can live and work, learn and grow to do better and feel well.
Empowering you to make the time to explore more of what you are passionate about. It's a choice and a journey.

In order to work well, we need to be well and live well.

It is a holistic and inextricably connected experience that as a society of people, business owners, users, consumers, makers and doers, we can collectively and collaboratively improve the lives of others, reduce the impact on the environment and build a sustainable and ethical future. 

It is a good time to change the conversation and narrative and write a new story of what being well, doing well and feeling well means. 

As this is a highly personal construct, it is important to get the design right in how we think, build, create and imagine our futures collaboratively, from both our personal experience, that impacts our working lives, and therefore that of others. 


We are currently in a global revolution, with so many business people re-evaluating their lives to conserve energy and focus on where best to place their interests and change. It is the new nature of business and society and while things have certainly changed, the principals remain the same and the solutions are often simple.

With staggering unemployment around the world, many are turning to entrepreneurship as their next career move or improving work place environments to better retain staff.  Whether you are one of those people or whether you are re-shaping your business or teams to do improve and explore more opportunity, now is the time - education and shared experiences are essential. Collective thinking is a driver to succeed.

Join us as we develop a new eco-system to collaboratively write a new story in business and life, to better your work and wellbeing in this new world order.

I work on various projects strategically.

Workshops and talks with teams, or collective groups with a common goal work wonders.

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Urban Architecture


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"I found the workshop to be incredibly valuable and it has really helped with gaining more insight into the current markets and helped with that all too important ‘reality check."

Irene Wood

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