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A 100+ year history of Plettenberg Bay. A discovery of the people, places, families, characters and stories that make up the rich legacy of the special town I get to call home, on the Garden Route, in South Africa.
With insights and a living photographic archive kept by my neighbour Derek Friedlinghaus, together with support from locals, the Van Plettenberg Historical Society, Plett Tourism and all who have tales and folklore to share, I am looking forward to putting it together for public consumption.
Realising that many folk who hold the ‘lore are getting on in their years, conserving and sharing heritage is important.
As an ever curious mind and lover of the arts and history, I feel it a civil duty and a rather exciting labour of love to bring it in "byte"size format that is relevant and engaging.
The concept is an exhibition to be showcased as a Pop-Up museum at the Plett Arts Festival in September '24 which falls within Heritage month.

What sparked this idea is the build of the new Plett Quarter in 2023. A commercial / residential development. Losing an old building and historical facade had me rather concerned that old establishments are being wiped away, with little documented about them in the public space. The Table restaurant (previously Cranzgots) has been an institution in my time, and while I appreciate growth and development, who is going to remind you of the remnants of the main road and that infamous corner pavement in 20 years from now?
More and more we are seeing private museums taking on the role to preserve, conserve and present culture.
It goes without saying we will need some funding and fan fare, writers and support, but no time like the present to get started!

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