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The Moral of the Story... Caution Princess

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Walt Disney's fairy tales should really come with a warning, something along the lines of men on white horses are only found at polo matches, your shiny gold locks thin out with age and castles are quite expensive to maintain, they also smell of damp. Just like cigarettes and alcohol (the forbidden fruit), we all loath the instructions, let’s be honest, but the warnings state the obvious: "Smoking is harmful to your lungs” "Don't drink and walk on the road, you may be killed" (I kid you not) But really “fairytales are not real” should be a real thing.

We (my generation and particularly girls) were sold a pipe dream. Well I definitely was anyway, and our parents and grandparents sailed with us down that river. I mean I’m still planning my ball gown and a dance with Prince Charming in my fairy castle - I haven’t figured out which carriage is getting me there just yet - but Bibbity Bobbity Boo! We can’t deny, as much as the warning states the obvious, that maybe we actually need it sometimes in life. Earlier rather than later. A warning that is. Caution your heart, set your boundaries, ask for help, go slowly, be careful who you trust - OH and learn how to do a tax return before you leave school, did I mention... learn to LET GO!!!! I mean don’t do what Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca did in the doll house - that will get you a law suit. Being witness to my best friend's daughter's 7th birthday celebration with a themed MINECRAFT party last week - I am in awe. While it certainly is not what we imagined 7 years ago when holding her swaddled in pink and toasting to the next fairy princess… you have to give it to her… slime and a hideous looking green cake can only prepare you properly for the world. Minecraft for those that don’t know is a video game that the kids of today are playing, almost as they are out the womb. It’s call to action is: The world is yours for the making. Prepare for an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build, mine, battle mobs and explore the ever changing Minecraft landscape. I mean how much more realistic can you get. Buggar the magic kingdom. I want a Minecraft party! To know that the world is your oyster and you have to work at it to get through… none of this wishy washy talking to mirrors on walls and shiny armour stuff. Sign up for gaming. Fantasy with real life experience to match. There is none of this nonsense of Once upon a time… You will be 41 resting and recuperating from burnout but also convalescing (due to a neck spasm) and wonder where all the magic has gone. Don’t get me wrong - my couch is comfortable and its been amazing to curl up in soggy weather and just cop out. I mean Lindt bunnies even sold out this Easter in Plettenberg Bay… and did anyone hide some bottles of bubbly in the garden? My question is though, is the magic still there? Maybe only Walt can answer that?! Life coaches (of which I go to for good reason) and Oprah swear by visualisations to lift your vibrations but recent experiences in business, people, family, relationships, situations and my reactions and responses seriously test the ground for gratitude, instinct and reason. I mean how many lessons must one learn in a lifetime. As Gabi Lowe is perfecting Resilience as a fundamental to exist… I believe she is right. And like Minecraft - the very key to surviving is resilience. How do we go about finding magic? Where is the escapism if not on a holiday without a phone or in love with someone who sets your soul on fire. Like any good fairytale there is always the moral of the story… be kind, your prince will find you, peas in your bed are uncomfortable and Jeremy Fisher was accident prone. I’m keen to see what morals there are in Minecraft? Is there WARNING? Or is this training for the next millennia. As we know jobs for kids born today haven’t even been invented yet. Anyway there is always magic out there. It’s in you, which ever way you look at it. The End #Magic #MineCraft #WaltDisney #Warning #Fairytales #Resilience

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