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The sweet desire for change


If you have ever really been ill - your fight to get better, feel better and restore your body or mind (or spirit) becomes a priority. Being in a state of dis-ease and dis-comfort is miserable. Most times you will do literally anything to improve your condition - whether taking a remedy, consuming medicine, sweating it out, meditating or just forgiving someone. All of it - a detoxification.

The goal to be well again and the feeling of it, is a tonic in itself.

It’s the natural equilibrium that your body wants to be in. A state of health.

And yet when we are well - we don’t always treat ourselves well.

Maybe it’s the human condition; and the path to enlightenment of taking care of ourselves, is finding the way to optimal health and wellbeing. Imagine that. Oooh the temptation of it!

The chance of being well for most, let’s face it, is an ongoing personal challenge!

Be it the levels or management of fitness, weight, stress, pain or bodily ailments, negative emotions (anger, rage, disappointment, sadness) or beliefs.

Our bodies are detoxing every minute of the day. It’s the function of the liver and most of our organs. So daily detoxing of our thoughts and emotions is optimal when practiced too. The difference is that unlike breathing - we have to consciously put effort in to remember to do it. We have to make time and we have to drink our “spinach and kale juice” and swallow it too.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, don’t we?

Exercise, eating right, mindfulness and all those things we know we “should” be doing.

And yet here we are! Life has this amazing ability to send you send you challenges that you have to swat away like flies or use your light sabre.

The tools you have to cope entirely depend on the level of your awareness of what is available. Fly Swatter vs Light Sabre. Medicine vs Integrative Medicine. Bottom line: preparation. I always go back to this. Research and planning will keep you on track for execution.

I have recently read Gary Zukav’s book: The Seat of Soul. It opened my mind to the concept of Temptation. He has turned this idea on its head and certainly change my view of this dreaded phenomenon. How this thing (temptation), something we all part take in daily, is actually a force for good, more than bad.

We all remain the same in our awareness until we make a decision to change. Until we make a responsible choice, follow our intuition in knowing what we know to be right for us and change what we are doing. Temptation is simply just the reminder we need to change. The catalyst.

Change the habit, change the narrative, change the behaviour.

So it got me thinking - how do we just change something - ween ourselves off it, detox, reset or rule it outright.

Depending on the severity of what we need to heal whether pain, addiction, abuse, bad habits, eating things we shouldn’t or mental pathways, we can only change our cycle by simply making a decision and following through with no excuses. “Stop the drama” as they say.

Funny, when you no longer have excuses, your only way through temptation is by taking responsibility for yourself. It’s beautiful and empowering when you are grounded in fully knowing the decisions you make are for your own GOOD!

No-one said it would be emotionally or mentally easy - but breathwork, exercise, meditation and hoard of healing therapies are all good for that anyway.

Changing one thing at a time and being consistent goes back to wellbeing strategy 101. Each incremental change followed through will build strength, conviction and positive energy whether mentally, emotionally or physically.

Using temptation to detox could just be your best juicing recipe.

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