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The stars also shine in the day

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I recently went on a silent retreat to the Cedarberg and saw the Milky Way. With no talking, no phones, no photo’s, no reading and no coffee for 4 days… it was in essence a truly magical experience. I have also committed now to writing a book...

Aside of my what felt like a heavy-brain-explosion of a migraine for 2 days… turns out coffee is apparently harder to quit than heroin, I encountered the reckoning of silence. It broke the distraction of social conditioning. It broke expectation, need and excuses. The silence broke reality and it broke intention. I found silence to be true bliss. It’s depth golden. A place so pure, emanating stillness, creating peace. Silence holds you in space, in a womb of stars and breathes through your heart beat. Connecting you to an energy so profound it stops your mind and reflects the light in your eyes. It’s beautiful. It’s holy. It’s immense.

The lodge is called Bliss & Stars and is owned and hosted by the most incredible couple Daria and Heine, who I have the most deep respect for. I highly recommend this experience for anyone in search of meaning, rest or recuperation, reflection or relief. The setting is quite literally out of this world. The space safe - a sanctuary to heal and nourish your soul. The food, in a universe of it's own, by resident chef and Ayervedic master, Arabella. It's beyond, and some, and it gets ten stars from me!

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