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The matter of the mind: flexibility does it

We’ve heard about strong body, strong mind.

To test the theory, just look at an Olympic athlete, or any athlete for that matter, and see how strong their minds are.

A strong body doesn’t come free - it’s built with a strong mind.

Applying all the C’s:







And then of course celebration, makes the chances of succeeding in having a strong body pretty good.

So how do we exercise mind over matter?

Perhaps in being flexible - stretching our bodies and in so testing our minds. Going beyond our flexibility, pushing ourselves over the resistance of what we think we can bare to do. This can be applied to both physical and emotional strength.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Stretching also releases toxins from the muscles and increases blood flow - which is good for the brain.

There is a school of thought that there are spiritual benefits to stretching - a way to meditate and connect your mind to your body with focus on your breath. It changes awareness and perspective from being in a relaxed and focused state (of mind) - the result is clarity.

Like getting into the “zone” or as athletes say getting “psyched”, the benefits of exercising your mind are good for you. It makes for being well. It makes for the resilience to live and work, learn and grow to do better and feel well.

By improving your cognitive functioning, you improve memory, executive (body) function, processing speed (ability to think and compute ideas, objectivity and subjectivity) and as we age - as that is the only thing we all do every day - it helps in maintaining and preserving cognitive function. Stretching our minds is good for us.

We only have to look at a toxic body and toxic mind to compare the benefits of having a healthy one.

Top level athletes are very careful (another C) what they consume (C) - from food to media. To be on your game takes a holistic approach to build strength and nutritious food for thought.

We have to train ourselves or rather coach (C) ourselves to compete - if nothing else with our selves.

So lift your arms up, stretch out… it may not only get you from A to B with better agility or speed, relax or strengthen your muscles but it will help to improve your breath and clear your mind. As the saying goes "a healthy mind knows no ills."

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