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Favourable conditions for being well: Believing in Rainbows

Have you ever stopped to think about the role weather plays on your well-being?

Your mood, your motivation, your mindset or general demeanour?

Think about it…

If it’s sunny - I would bet you are in a better frame of mind, feel positive, upbeat and good. You want to be out and about, smell the flowers. Let’s be honest we all feel more “alive” when it's sunny. It gives us energy.

If it’s cold you are more likely to feel a bit bleak, sad, calm or relaxed. Things go slower and are more sombre.

If it’s raining, the chances of staying in bed longer in the morning, are well… highly likely!

So what does well-being mean anyway?

Well, the google definition is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

In simple terms, “well-being can be described as judging life positively and feeling good. For public health purposes, physical well-being (feeling very healthy and full of energy) is also viewed as critical to overall well-being.”

So if being well is a general state of health, be it mental, emotional, physical or financial - how do we improve it or maintain it, without it being a quest in chasing rainbows?

How do we find, safeguard and protect it, how do we take care of our energy?

I don’t know about you, but like chasing rainbows, being well can sometimes feel like you want to catch it and put it in your pocket.

If you are well, you will want to keep it in check, take care of it, nurture it and hold it.

Like rainbows, being well makes you feel good.

And like rainbows, which in many cultures, are a symbol of hope, being well makes for good fortune. Remember your health is your wealth.

Like any natural ecosystem, to create the equilibrium or balance we desire in our well-being we have to live it, feel and be it, as if on purpose.

We have to keep it in check, learn about it, understand our pain, find ways to heal, restore and regenerate. It's a constant acknowledgement of our bodies and minds. Through this we can grow.

Like rainbows, our well-being is something to believe in.

The magnificence of rainbows, as you may know, are formed when sunlight is scattered from raindrops into the eyes of the observer. Not everyone can see the same rainbow, like not every person's experience of wellness is the same, by definition. Rain, fog or mist are water droplets that need to be in front of you to create favourable conditions to see rainbows from your perspective.

So what are your ideal conditions for seeing rainbows?

For being well?

If anything, finding a state of positivity.

What keeps you in equilibrium? What do you do to be, live and work well?

As we know we can't predict the weather, we can only be prepared for it…

But, we CAN, (however) be in charge of our state of wellness - if nothing else, on purpose.

If you decide to stay under the duvet when it’s raining, how might you still catch a glimpse of your rainbow when your sun shines through the clouds?

How might you be well if you don't look up, or do you just pick up the umbrella and run in the rain, anyway?

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