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a bit about nikki

Since 2001, Nikki has designed experiences for people, companies and organisations as an event producer and experiential marketer, interior decorator, art curator and entrepreneur.

Through diverse points of engagement, content, context and immersions, she curates the ultimate experience while preserving integrity in the product and subject. Nikki’s strengths lie in understanding the business fundamentals, strategy and creative process when designing and integrating the customer, client, consumer or user experience, while optimising the most effective design solution for the bottom line, without compromising quality.

As a force for good, she offers big picture thinking with practical and rational application, for what at the end of the day is to enjoyed by people.

She has a hand on approach to business and life and enjoys hiking, stand up paddle, living in a small town and being in nature.


“Good business sense is creative, fun and opportunistic. Good business sense improves the individual, the organisation and the wider community and environment. The daunting challenge of becoming a business of the future is becoming an exciting opportunity." The Nature of Business

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